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Instagram values visual content. The platform’s evolution gave the ability to marketeers to create Business Profile accounts instead of private ones. A process that give us the freedom to view more than one photo … At the same time, it is a valuable tool that can “kick off” the digital presence of a business. The conversion of an account to a corporate profile is free of charge and usually ends in very simple steps.


The Metrics

The first major change anyone will notice when converting his account into Business Profile is access to metrics, which IG captures as “insights.” These organic details provide the user with a wide range of statistics such as the  success of a post or an Instagram story. Of course, we have to keep in our mind, that insights are only shown for posts posting the account conversion, which means that older posts cannot be analyzed in the same way. With these statistics, an enterprise is given the opportunity to examine the efficiency of its content, analyze engagement in each post, and generally differentiate its digital marketing strategy. The most important insights are:

  1. The number of Likes in a post
  2. The number of Comments in a post.
  3. The number of unique accounts that saved the post.
  4. The Impressions per post
  5. The Reach, the number of unique users that saw our content
  6. The Shares of our content.
  7. The total number of Engagement, that is, unique accounts that like, save, share or comment on our post.
  8. Website traffic: Customers who visited the company’s website.
  9. Brand Sentiment: The public’s reactions to the company.
  10. Sales: Conversions


Scheduling the posts

Before converting an account to a Business Profile, the user did not have the possibility of scheduled posts. The change offers this option, with scheduled Instagram posts, which, in simple terms save time for the social media manager or anyone dealing with this. Until 2016, the user had to either go directly to a post or have a necessary reminder to post the text and photo at a specific day and time he wanted. With Business Profile, however, we can schedule a post without reminders!


Use of links

Since last year, IG has added links to Instagram stories , offering creative ways of promotion and analysis. Instagram allows users who have converted their Business Profile account with more than 10,000 followers from 2017 to add links to Instagram stories to drive their audience to the website, online store, or to various business blogs. Something that differentiates the so-called first contact of customers with the company, as in the past, the only way to communicate or connect visitors with a business was to simply reference the URL of their website. With Business Profile, the company can provide direct contact details such as address, phone number and e-mail.


View through Instagram Ads

According to experts, advertisements are becoming a big part of Instagram, giving the platform the so-called “pay to view” rating. Business Profile provides access to advanced Instagram posts and ads, offering tools to increase a company’s reach and engagement. The platform’s business profile enables creating and publishing Instagram Ads and Promoted Posts. Instagram ads use the same powerful Facebook tools to run, analyze, and schedule advertising campaigns in the same (effective) way. In addition, recent surveys have shown that three-thirds of Instagram users only visited a single website or even went shopping after being exposed to an IG ad.




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