Our Services

Digital Strategy

Creating Holistic Digital Experiences across online channels

The market demands new and immaculate digital experiences for brands and services. Digital Sapiens stays ahead of the digital era and provides its clientele with the advantage of industry leading interactive solutions for web, mobile and digital marketing. Our motto is we leave and breath digital that’s why we try to offer top notch digital – cross-channel solutions and we are always searching for new technologies that will give our clients the competitive advantage.

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Web Design

Websites & e-shops design and development adjustable to our client’s requirements

We develop websites & e-shops from scratch by taking into account our client’s needs and wants. Every single website we develop should reflect our client’s objectives and be in accordance to the latest technological innovations. Our web designers and developers will take you through the full project life cycle: analysis and planning, usability, content creation, design and development.

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Digital Marketing

Creating Stories that have value, are shareable and engaging

The way that we speak to our consumers has changed. We are not talking anymore to everyone, but we have to target those that they are interested for our product and service and try to create a long lasting relationship with them, making them advocates. In order to achieve this, we are using a combination of online tools like: audience analysis, social media and community management, display advertising, search marketing and more.

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Performance Marketing

We are taking your online presence seriously

Your online ranking of your business is one of the most important things today. Millions of searches are being performed on a daily basis and getting found by your target audience is mandatory. Our service combines the use of search engine optimization (On Site – Off Site SEO), search engine marketing (SEM, Google Display Network) and continuous content dissemination through a highly designed content marketing plan.

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Social Media

Crowdsourcing at its best

Social media marketing takes advantage of social networking to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. The goal is usually to create content compelling enough those users will share it with their social networks. In other words, we create emotional experiences in order for our Fans, Followers etc to share , challenge, engage with them.

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Event Management & On line Reputation Management

Crafting Strategies that shape or influence the target group’s of a product or business perception online & offline.

We are creating awareness and influence what and how people think of a brand or service. We’ve worked across various industries as diverse as Consumer Electronics, FMCG, and can confidently expand our portfolio to include new areas.

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