Pfanner Juices and Tea


Pfanner company, through its official distributor in Greece, Sparos Dil, appointed Digital Sapiens with the digital media promotion plan. Specifically, Digital Sapiens took on the implementation of the company’s strategy on Social Media and Google, as well as sale activations at points of sale.

The name #Pfanner represents a company, a brand, and a philosophy that is: “To do everything possible to produce high-quality products, using the gifts of nature.”

People, their needs, incomparable taste, quality, and well-being are at the heart of the company’s philosophy. This practically means that at every level of the production process and all other processes we use (e.g., marketing, advertising, etc.), we apply the highest quality standards. This is why we have chosen Digital Sapiens as our digital partner in Greece, said the company’s marketing manager for Greece, praising their attention to detail and passion for what they do.

It will be a ”fruit”ful collaboration!

Digital Sapiens Services:

Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing


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